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Design and realization of DCS radio system «turn-key»

Data Communication System
Wi-Fi systems point to point/point to multipoint

Analysis and design of technologies enabling broadband

Optical networks
Radio systems

The excellence of our services is the reason for our existence, the objective behind our R&D activity, as well as the processes developed by us. Our DCS system has been certified compliant with ISO9001 and EN50121, EN50155 standards

Our vocation is to work side-by-side with our customers, from the beginning of the project, by contributing with our experience in designing the whole systems, starting with radio and network surveys until a final optimal solution installation, from the standpoint of the performance and limited costs.

The strategy of Comesvil is to continuously invest in research and development in the network/technical field. To do this end, we count with the support of an expert team that is informed about civil, industrial and rail market demands. Moreover, we have created one of the best network/technical laboratories in Europe. We use the last technologies available in the market to develop software and hardware applied to a broad range of telecommunication systems. This investment allows us to obtain innovative products, adapted to the needs of the customer and geared towards increasing operation and maintenance, reliability and a significant reduction of operating costs. In the networking area, the DCS systems developed have been incorporated to some of the most advanced projects in the driverless rail market.

The Data Communication System (DCS) is a multiservice radio network infrastructure conceived to support vital and non-vital data communication in railway and industrial environment, such as Communication Based Train Control (CBTC). The Comesvil DCS is composed of four networks:

  • The Core Network (CN) conceived to enable the connection and the management of the entire network infrastructure
  • The Backbone Network (BN) allows the connection between the Core Network and the Wayside network
  • The Wayside Network (WN) implements an uninterrupted, high speed and reliable communication between moving train and the radio base station installed on trackside. It’s combine different Wi-Fi technologies such as IEEE 802.11a,b,g,n and ac
  • The Train Network (TN) implements the onboard Ethernet network, including the radio equipment

Comesvil TLC Division is devoted to the project and development of turnkey network solutions for civil, industrial and railway sectors. Services offered are:

  • Functional and non-functional requirement analysis
  • Survey, simulation, dimensioning and design of wired and radio network infrastructures
  • Network Element configuration and customization
  • Network Management System support and administration
  • R&D support for the evolution of wired and radio network solutions
  • Current regulation analysis
  • Installation and commissioning services
  • Business and tendering support


Network technologies and systems offered by Comesvil TLC Division including but are not limited to:

  • Data Communication Systems (DCS)
  • Radio Networking (Wi-Fi and LTE)
  • Cable Transmission Networking (Optical and IP)
  • TETRA systems
  • Close Circuit Televsion and Recording (CCTV-R)
  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection (ACID)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Personal Information Systems (PIS)
  • Public Address Systems (PAS)
  • Telephone and Intercom (TIC)



Full implementation of security systems and railway signalling (ACE – ACEI)

Installation of ACC and ERTMS signalling systems

Installation of ATC and CBTC Driverless signalling systems


These systems constitute centralized systems with wired logic or programmed electronic technology for the safe management of the movements of the rolling stock in a station (FS) and for the regulation of railway circulation on the lines (rolling distance).

• Complete design of Railway Safety and Signaling Systems (ACEI and ACC)
• Installation of driverless and non-driverless ATC and CBTC signaling systems (Metro systems).
• Installation of ACEI – ACC – ERTMS – BAB – Bca – SCMT signaling systems.
• Commissioning (MIS) of railway systems.

Comesvil is equipped with automatic software that allows you to:

• Realize and manage the complete design process of the Plants according to the (SdP) RFI Principle Schemes in force.
• Automatically produce printouts for spinning the equipment to be installed in the plants.
• The issue of the relative Railway certifications with NT IS 717 and NT IS 381.
• Elaborate the design schemes (Cabin and Yard) using a complete graphic library in AutoCAD version and compliant with the conventional Railway symbols.

Comesvil is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the following Installation activities:

• Surveys and staking of IS bodies through site inspections.
• Realization of the cable ways to serve all the bodies to be installed (switches, signals, track circuits, buoys, level crossings etc ..)
• Laying Cables and laying Bodies and related electrical connections.
• Tests and functional checks and relative calibrations.

The end-of-installation tests are designed to verify the quality of the same and to certify, with the regulations in force, the IS systems.
During this phase, the functional correspondence of the plant is certified according to its requirements.
The MIS ends with the release of all the certification required by current regulations (RFI).


Full installation of automatic platform doors

Construction of electrical and lighting systems on large scale



Comesvil is the market leader for the design, production and sale of light, medium and heavy metal structures.The industrial warehouses of Comesvil have a total area of about 4,000 square meters for mechanical production and storage.The development of the products takes place through the use of numerical control machines with laser cutting. Main products:

  • Structural Carpentry for the wayside (portals, pylons …)
  • On-board carpentry
  • Carpentry for paintings
  • Carpentry for cabinets in N3 technique
  • Carpentry for EMI / EMC and IP 55 cabinets

In the heavy carpentry sector, Comesvil designs and manufactures gates and overhangs for light signals that comply with the requirements of NTC 2018 and EN 1090-1.

For the railway sector, Comesvil produces under-casing or over-roof carpentry in carbon steel, light alloy and stainless steel in compliance with UNI EN 15085-2

For the railway sector, SCADA “Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition” cabinets are produced, the systems of which are used inside the control rooms of railway stations.

Cabinets in N3 technique
The N3 cabinet has been designed to solve problems associated with the distribution of optical modules in telecommunications exchanges. It offers an organized, flexible, traceable and easy to adapt fiber management system.
Available in different configurations, to be used in a wide range of applications in optical networks.
The family of cabinets has been designed and developed according to ETSI standards.

EMI / EMC and IP55 cabinets

Comesvil designs and manufactures carpentry of wardrobes according to specific customer needs.

For example, for the customer LEONARDO has supplied EMI / EMC electrical cabinets, with IP55 protection degree, certified by an accredited external laboratory.