Railway signaling

Realization of security and railway signaling systems (ACE-ACEI)


  • ACEI CAD software and SPW 717 allow, on the basis of a project, to develop and number automatically an ACEI system of any type, like (I 016-I019-V401-V351-V355-V387 is SRS SDO), with drawings vector in AUTOCAD.
  • A graphics library for ACEI railway installations, for the realization of the circuit part with updated TYPICAL UNITS (v2008) and for railway squares with wiring diagrams.

Installation of Signaling System


ATC and CBTC (Driverless and not) Installation System for metro systems.

ACEI, ACC and ERTMS Signaling Systems for railway


  • Site surveys and pegging
  • Installation drawing issuing
  • Wiring equipment
  • Cable lying
  • Point setting machine installation
  • Track circuits
  • Balises/Tag
  • Signals
  • AFO IIC Antenna
  • Emergency push bottons