Complete Railway Systems

(Signalling and TLC)

Semiconductor devices for electric traction

Light, medium and heavy metallic carpentry

Complete electrical and lighting systems

Overhead Contact Line Portal

Metallic shelters

Pylons for High, Medium and Low Voltage

Prefabricated metallic construction

Industrial sheds

Anti-collapse safety systems

Metallic grids

Reclamation of cover slabs in fiber cement and asbestos

Railways Electromechanical Devices

(Relays - Switches - Track Circuit - Transformers - etc,)

Overhead lights and lighting converters for railway coaches

High Mast Lighting Poles with mobile crown

Light signal bridges

UNIFER equipments

Overhead Line Cantilever

Supports and Brackets for Electric Traction

Metallic Bridges

Metallic fences

Metallic gates and relevant automation

Cable ways