The FAST-TRACKS a low-cost telecommunications system

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29 May The FAST-TRACKS a low-cost telecommunications system

The FAST-TRACKS project proposes the development and marketing of a low-cost telecommunications system that addresses the main problems presently involved in the integration of a traditional Wi-Fi system into a technological railway infrastructure.

The project aims to fill a functional vacuum in the telecommunication infrastructure of the radio. The project is based on the design of a reprogrammable radio that supports both different Wi-fi, cellular and LTE standards at the same time, which will favor and ensure convergence between the automatic train control systems and the standards of the telecommunication network.

In this scenario, Comesvil has developed a Wi-fi prototype of the 802.11 ac standard and LTE technology through two different approaches and demonstrated the technical and economic feasibility of the proposed idea as well as a broad applicability of the system in the railway telecommunications infrastructure.

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